Well, That Was Annoying

Man, now I know why people hate the press so much.

I was interviewed by a reporter for one of the local TV stations tonight and I felt like I’d been sucker punched afterwards. It was not a pleasant experience.

The guy’s name was Mark Holmburg and I respected him a great deal when I used to work at the Virginia Press Association about 10 years ago. He worked at the Times-Dispatch at the time and I seem to recall he wrote a column that stuck up for the little guy. I also remember somehow being involved in an event where his daughter or son was recognized. It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember the particulars.

I found him asking some random people some questions and I looked around, trying to find one of our non-leader-leaders. When Mark made a snide comment about my how expensive my camera was, I should have know the whole thing was a setup.

The questions Mark asked me were loaded and stupid. One was about who was legally responsible for any accidents in the park, while other one was about if I thought the KKK should be allowed to do the same thing we are doing in the park. Something about his tone really got in my craw. He reminded me of my brother — who is very conservative — whenever we’ve had knock down drag out fights about politics.

Anyway. I guess I know why people are so suspicious of the press these days.


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